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We will organize competitions for you

With more than twenty years of experience in sport, the team of MWR Sport Ltd launched "Professions for 100%".

It is a competition management package based on consultations, which is to help in the development of multisport events in Poland.
We have many years of experience in the organization of swimming, aquathlon and triathlon competitions.Thanks to the well-established background and understanding of logistic and promotional activities required to ensure the success of various types of local and national competitions, the MWR Sport Ltd team is now able to share its wealth of knowledge with other entities.
We are specialists in providing event management services to clubs, local authorities and commercial enterprises wishing to organize a sporting event, the MWR Sport Ltd team can provide specific guidance from a team of specialized experts with many years of experience in managing sports competitions.
If you want to get detailed information about your professions, please contact us via our contact page. Provide short details, such as the proposed dates, venue, potential number of participants and the help you need.





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