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Proszę wypełnić wszystkie wymagane pola!


You do not have to race to take part! Do you want to receive a competition shirt and meet new people?


Thanks to over 25 years of experience in sport, we know that the level of involvement of people who help in organizing a competition is a determinant whether the competition is successful or not.


We always try to expand our team of enthusiastic, friendly and trustworthy people to ensure a friendly but professional atmosphere of our competition.


If it's something that interests you, we'd like you to join us!


Regardless of whether you want to be a volunteer at one particular race or at many events, no matter how much time you can devote, you will be appreciated and also become an integral part of a great undertaking!


Our fantastic volunteers create a safe and pleasant environment in which athletes can compete and at the same time have fun!


We challenge you to spend one day like a volunteer. The sense of fulfillment that arises after the competition is part of something that is really appreciated by athletes.


Do not forget that we are a team. We are proud of the sense of camaraderie that arises when working on our events, and you can be guaranteed that you will meet many interesting and like-minded people!

What tasks do volunteers have at our events?


Volunteers take care of safety on the competition route, give drinks to competitors and help in organizing competitions in every way.

Each volunteer will receive a free T-shirt and a meal after the competition.


We are waiting for a message from you and thank you for your help in ensuring the safety of the players and co-creating the success of our event.








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